Ristorante and Hotel »In Piazza«

Familie Stano heißt Sie im Hotel und Ristorante »In Piazza« herzlich Wilkommen.As soon as you cross the threshold of our house, you will notice two things: On the one hand, there’s the atmosphere of a family-run comfort hotel in the midst of the Thuringian Holzland, on the other hand there’s the wonderful ambience of our Ristorante, and the rooms which reflect the spirit of the hotel and its owners. Dreams are timeless – and so is our hotel.

It is wonderful when a long-standing three star hotel can offer something new to its guests time and again. You are free to choose between three different room categories. Admittedly, this is no easy choice. In case you cannot make up your mind after longer consideration, there’s only one thing left to do: Visit us often.